“This place and everyone in it is amazing!! My son, who at the time was not yet a patient, managed to get a terrible toothache on, of course, a holiday weekend, late at night. We called around looking for an emergency dentist, with no success. Apparently you have to already be an established patient to have an after hours dentist see you, or so this was the problem we seemed to keep encountering. My cousin called her daughter’s dentist, Dr. Chris. This woman was on vacation with her family which includes 8 kids, and still she took the time to talk to me, accept pictures to look at the tooth, recommend a solution, and comfort my young son through his agonizing pain. Needless to say, after this incredible act of kindness, I made an appointment at Newtown Dentistry. Words can not describe what I walked into. The place is way beyond expectations! From the park setting when you walk in (including a playground, big screen tv’s, a fireplace, etc.), to the tour around their “home” that the amazing staff gives us on the way to our room. I really wanted to see Dr. Christine to thank her personally… No problem! She personally sees ALL her patients, AND they don’t charge for the office visit (only the procedures). I was able to watch a screen as they toured my son’s mouth (x-rays), so I could see perfectly what work they were discussing doing. The work was done very quickly and efficiently, and my son walked out with a bag full of “prizes”. My son can’t wait to go back, and now his older brother is begging to go to the dentist?!?!?! I absolutely love this place! I wish I would’ve found it sooner (like 30 years sooner, when I was a kid!). Thank you Dr. Chris and your entire pleasant, comforting, funny, beautiful staff for making us all feel so incredibly welcome in your “home”.

Rachel T.

“Can’t say enough good things about the staff and dentist for giving my daughter the BEST first dentist experience. They took their time and really explained everything to her. They made everything exciting and fun. The facilities are amazing but the staff was our favorite part! Thanks a million times over!”

Jillian D.

“I give a full five stars to this amazing dentist office!!! Wether your taking a child or yourself as an adult, the second you walk in the door you are honestly part of the NDFK family!! Dr. Chris is without a doubt the most kind outgoing person ever! She has an establishment full of highly trained and professional staff! Also the atmosphere itself is like nothing you could ever Imagine!!!! So comfortable and laid back, your not sitting in some 30 year old rock hard uncomfortable chairs waiting hrs!!! After your 1st visit in you will never feel that dreadful feeling of the trip to the dentist lol you will beg to go!! Hope everyone has the same great experience my family did!!”

Christopher K.